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Advertisers: Reach Local Customers via Content That Hits Home

Looking for an easier, more efficient and effective way to drive local customers into stores, nationwide?  Target them through the trusted local content they turn to for information about life in their communities.

  • Authentic, Local Targeting

    Aggregation and organization of quality hyperlocal websites and content by geography, for streamlined, authentic local ad targeting.

  • Local Relevance, Nationwide

    Target tightly-defined service areas surrounding each of your business locations, nationwide, with a single buy.

  • Stronger ROI

    Reach that’s more accurate than IP-targeting, combined with geo-contextual relevance, drives significantly improved ad performance.

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Local Digital Publishers: Earn Premium Revenue

We believe in the value of local online content, and the ROI it offers marketers targeting locally.  Through our content-based approach to hyperlocal ad targeting, we deliver relevant, higher paying ads to our local and community publishing partners.


  • Locally-relevant Ads

    A curated selection of local, regional and national ads that are relevant to your content and the communities you serve.

  • Premium Rates

    Multiple revenue streams, all centered around the premium quality of your content, result in higher-paying ads and overall earnings.

  • Full Transparency & Control

    Complete visibility into and control over every ad campaign we present for your approval.

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For Publishers

Local publishers that enroll with Local Yokel Media sell more ad impressions at higher CPMs because of increased ad efficiency and being part of ad buys from local, regional and national marketers who want to reach your local audience.

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For Advertisers

Advertisers leverage our platform to reach deep into communities within their local service areas and execute efficient, geo-contextually relevant ad campaigns that get results.

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