10 Easy Tweaks To Boost Hyperlocal Digital Advertising Performance

by: TeamLYM, on Jul 23, 2013 in Hyperlocal Advertising, Publisher Tips & Tricks, Resources

10 Best Practices to improve Hyperlocal Digital Ad Perfromance

Did you know that 52% of a digital ad’s performance is driven by the strength of its creative?

That’s an eye-opening statistic from ComScore, and one that should remind us that, despite all of the noise in the industry around programmatic ad serving, cookie-based ad targeting, native advertising and viewability, more than HALF of any digital ad campaign’s performance relies upon the quality of its creative.

To help you make sure your hyperlocal ad creative is optimized to perform to its greatest potential, we are pleased to offer this free report, “Creative That Converts: 10 Best Practices from a Digital Ad Expert.” 

Presented by our ad creative partners at Tangible Impact, the report offers a list of 10 best practices for creative and copy design, including visual examples of each, as well as 3 case studies showing how 3 simple tweaks to an existing ad boosted performance by as much as 358% for such advertisers as AARP, Norton and Stouffer’s.

This is the first of a 3-part series on digital advertising effectiveness that we plan to produce based on our years of experience in digital advertising, which have shown that, regardless of your product or service, the 3 most important drivers of ad performance are:

1.the strength of the creative,
2.the context in which the creative is placed, and
3.the appropriateness of audience who views it.

We hope you find this report useful and welcome you to share feedback in the Comments below, and also to share the report with anyone else you think could benefit from these expert insights.


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