2 More Examples of How Journalists Are Using Pinterest

by: Nicole Lyons, on May 30, 2012 in Hyperlocal Publishing, Publisher Tips & Tricks

The interest in ways that Pinterest, a 100% image-based social media network, can be adapted for use by journalists (nationals, hyperlocals, online publishers, etc) is growing almost as quickly as adoption of the site itself.  Following up on our recent post “Pinterest, One Hyperlocal Publisher’s Perspective,” below are 2 very thorough evaluations of what seems to be working for publishers so far …

The topline from both of these articles that I find most interesting is very much in line with what Erik Torkells, Publisher and Founder of Tribeca Citizen mentioned in our earlier post: Pinterest does not appear to be driving traffic back to the publisher’s site (yet).  Right now, it appears to offer most value as another channel through which the publisher/brand can ‘engage’ their readers.

Engagement is an important metric for publishers these days as it is increasingly being used as a measure of a website’s value to advertisers.

BUT, does a hyperlocal publisher risk losing some of its audience to this alternative platform, that cannot be monetized, if some of the readers prefer to engage visually?  While other social media channels like Twitter and Facebook are set up to drive website traffic via hyperlinked text or headlines, on Pinterest, if the “picture is worth 1,000 words,” why would they click through to the site…?  Curious to hear your thoughts.

Pinterest analysis: PBS, USA Today engage with readers most effectively

How journalists and newsrooms can use Pinterest

Great insights in both of these posts.


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