2 Years of #Winning in Hyperlocal

by: Dick OHare, on Apr 18, 2013 in Market Musings

LYM Turns 2

Two years ago this week, we launched Local Yokel Media as the premium platform for hyperlocal digital advertising.

To reiterate, our mission is to bring efficiency, scale and performance to this market.  Our founding principle for the company was that local and hyperlocal (community-based) publishers do a tremendous service for their local communities by delivering news, events and investigative journalism.  They are a pillar of our society and act as a check and balance system for our government and business infrastructure.

When done well, they are the fabric of their local communities.

They also represent an outstanding vehicle for local, regional and national businesses to embed their brands and product offerings in the minds of consumers within a short distance from their retail locations.  The problem that exists, is that it is very difficult and highly inefficient for these marketers to identify those local publishers within the communities around their locations, let alone execute ad campaigns across them.

We have spent the last 2 years aggregating and organizing this highly fractured market (when viewed as a whole) and injecting massive efficiency for these important relationships to exist between more relevant local advertisers and local publishers.

We are passionate about our mission and extremely proud of what we have achieved to date.  We have become a trusted, premium monetization channel for our publishers, while helping marketers embed their brands with local communities and, therefore, have a net positive economic effect for everyone.

Thank you to all the publishers who have enrolled with us so far and believe in what we are doing.  And, thank you to all our early advertisers who trusted us to deliver impactful hyperlocal ad campaigns.  As we enter this next phase of growth, we expect to have more resources to accelerate our mission.  We know very well that with scale comes more value…both for publishers and advertisers.  And, we look forward to fulfilling our mission of becoming the market’s premium specialist in hyperlocal digital advertising.

– Dick O’Hare

(photo credit: Elena Schweitzer)

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