5 Reasons Content Targeting is the Hyperlocal Holy Grail

by: Nicole Lyons, on Oct 10, 2013 in Hyperlocal Advertising



To date, advertisers trying to reach residents of tightly-defined service areas across multiple communities have relied upon “mostly-accurate” geo-targeting methods like IP address codes and cookie data that is largely based on registration information.

They have relied upon such methods because the 100% accurate solution, which is to place display ads directly on hyperlocal websites with content dedicated to the communities they serve, has been too inefficient an effort to consider.

But hyperlocal content targeting is, truly, the most effective and best-performing display targeting strategy, and when made available – at scale – is the holy grail of hyperlocal. Here are 5 reasons why:

1) GREATER REACH Than Search/SEM — Search engine marketing is an excellent way to capture the attention of people who are actively searching for an advertiser’s product or service within a specific service area.  The challenge is how to reach those additional locals who are not actively searching, yet would be interested in the advertiser’s offer and/or likely to act on it given their proximity to the advertiser’s business location. The solution is to reach them via their local newspaper website or events blog, where an advertiser can both activate in-market customers and raise awareness of their business within the community it serves. Hyperlocal content targeting delivers a larger local audience (often at a far lower cost) than search can.

2) MORE ACCURATE than Geo-targeting— When it comes to reaching residents of a specific town or community, the accuracy of traditional methods of geo-targeting (IP address, database referencing, etc) — which are highly effective at the DMA and metro levels — becomes far less predictable.  This approach to reaching specific locales ultimately includes a lot of ‘hit-or-miss’ and wasted impressions, which translates to wasted ad budget. On the other hand, there is absolute certainty when placing an ad on a local blog or website that it will only be viewed by residents of that target area. Furthermore, that ad will reach residents of the area even if they are out of that zip code, i.e. at work or while travelling, which is something that other forms of geo-targeting cannot accommodate. Hyperlocal content targeting is as geographically accurate as an advertiser can hope to get.

3) ZERO PRIVACY CONCERNS — Hyperlocal content targeting means the content is the proxy for targeting, not the website visitor.   This removes privacy regulations or concerns from the ad targeting equation, while still reaching the exact local audience the advertiser desires.

4) GEO-CONTEXTUAL RELEVANCE — We all know that contextual relevance, i.e. aligning an ad with relevant website content, significantly increases ad performance.  Hyperlocal content targeting offers geographic relevance.  The combination of a geographically-relevant ad message with content that is specific to that location has proven to improve ad receptivity and ROI.

5) COMMUNITY RELEVANCE — Geo-content targeting helps advertisers increase their visibility within the communities they serve, through the local content that residents trust.  An ongoing presence on a local blog or website not only demonstrates the advertiser’s support of valued local resources, but also increases their relevance to the community through repeated association of the advertiser with the local content brand.

For advertisers looking to reach into their immediate service areas, there’s no question that hyperlocal content targeting is the most accurate, efficient and effective way to do so. It just hasn’t been efficient for advertisers to do so at any kind of scale — until now.

Local Yokel Media has solved this problem for hyperlocal digital advertisers, while increasing revenue opportunities for hyperlocal publishers. Through our unique platform that aggregates and and tags hyperlocal websites by geography and standardizes everything from ad creative to pricing according to the IAB, we serve up these holy grail hyperlocal ad campaigns at scale, on a platter.

Wondering what kind of hyperlocal content sites exist for the service area(s) you’d like to target?



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