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Over the past 10 years, the migration of traditional newspaper audiences to the web, combined with the evolution of more user-friendly website content management platforms, has spurred an increase in the creation of high-quality, well-trafficked local community blogs and newspaper websites.  Through their coverage of hometown news and events, these blogs and websites have become trusted pillars of their communities, with highly-engaged local audiences.However, while they all share a passion for the communities they cover, the publishers of these hyperlocal websites vary vastly in their experience with web-based advertising practices.

Meanwhile, the engaged audiences they have earned, combined with the contextual relevance of their content to regional and national businesses trying to advertise locally, makes these websites highly desirable to advertisers with larger media budgets … but because there hasn’t been a way to buy them with any kind of efficiency or scale, these sites frequently miss out on those opportunities for better revenue.

Until now.

In 2011, Local Yokel Media (LYM) officially launched its first-of-a-kind digital advertising platform. LYM aggregates and organizes hyperlocal blogs and websites by geography to empower local, regional and national marketers to authentically reach deep into granular, local geographies within defined service areas to execute efficient, geo-contextually relevant ad campaigns that get results.

We believe in the value that local publisher content delivers, both to the communities these websites cover as well as to advertisers wishing to reach local audiences. Using community-level content as a proxy for local ad targeting, Local Yokel Media can offer both efficiency and contextual relevance that is independent of cookie-blocking or other data targeting obstacles.

We have made authentic, relevant local advertising accessible to businesses of all sizes, at scale, and drive premium revenue for local publishers.

The veteran media and marketing executives behind Local Yokel Media have over four decades of digital media experience from renowned Internet companies like DoubleClick, AOL, Yahoo and iVillage. They offer deep expertise in creating high performance ads, ad targeting, ad serving and platform development, balanced by a passion for the hyperlocal market and commitment to making hyperlocal advertising easier and more effective for both advertisers and local publishers.