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Our Inaugural Post: Welcome, and Why We’re Here

CEO: Dick O’Hare

CEO and Founder of Local Yokel Media

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I have been in the digital media industry for the past 15 years holding senior management positions at DoubleClick, AOL Media Networks and Yahoo, Inc.  I was part of the early DoubleClick management team that built the industry’s first online advertising network.  Over the past two years, I have been immersed in the local online advertising market developing a passion and a solution for the emerging hyperlocal advertising market.

Prior to this, I created and ran Yahoo’s first Global Strategic Partnership and Emerging Marketing Channels team.  My team and I gilded strategic partnerships with Yahoo’s top global accounts such as Sony Electronics, Intel and General Motors.  In addition, my team and I developed and executed revenue strategies for video, mobile and social media.

Prior to Yahoo, I served as Senior Vice President, General Manager of AOL Media Networks responsible for two thirds of all domestic, non-search ad revenue.  Before joining AOL, I was General Manager of the Business and Technology Networks at DoubleClick.  My team and I acquired new publishers and drove revenue for the business and technology verticals within DoubleClick’s Media Network.

I have over twenty years of experience in the media industry with prior positions at CMP Media including Publisher of Home PC Magazine.  During my tenure, CMP Media held an initial public offering and was subsequently sold to United News and Media.

CTO: Rajiv Nigam

I have over 18 years of experience in development and deployment of software products and applications in industry verticals like Telecom, Voice Mobility, e-Commerce, m-Commerce and Online Advertising. I began my career as a software engineer designing and building large scale enterprise applications. My experience ultimately evolved into product, solutions and platform engineering initiatives.

I have built, deployed and managed numerous products and platforms in the online advertising industry. These include traditional ad networks, Bluetooth proximity marketing solutions, social media solutions, in-app advertising solutions and hyperlocal ad targeting solutions. Prior to joining Local Yokel Media, I built and implemented a large scale demand side platform called EQAds. EQAds was acquired by Cyberplex, Inc., a publicly traded company, within a year of its launch.

Prior to joining Local Yokel Media, I was a founder and partner at Telescient Technologies, a software solutions provider that specializes in developing and implementing enterprise grade advertising solutions. My team and I built Local Yokel Media’s technology platform.

Before I founded Telescient, I was an advisor and independent development contractor for companies like mFormation Technologies, a mobile device management company, t-Mobile, Verizon Business, MCI and British Telecom (UK).

I received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Bhopal in India.

SVP Business Development: Elizabeth Harrington

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For the past 12 years I’ve worked in online media for businesses large and small.  From my early days at iVillage, to a leadership role with start-up Greenopia, to my current position with Local Yokel Media, I have focused on building business value through innovative thinking, solid marketing skills, and a keen sense of what works and what doesn’t.

At Local Yokel Media I’m leading the charge to build and develop a robust marketplace of top quality local and hyperlocal blogs.  I am constantly searching for great sites to share what we do at Local Yokel Media and demonstrate how it will help monetize their site.  I am also committed to providing our publishers with the support they need so they can focus on what they do best – publish!

Before becoming a Local Yokel, I was part of the founding team at Greenopia, an innovative research company rating green businesses and products.  There I established strategic partnerships and sponsorships to increase reach and distribution, build brand, and generate revenue.  Prior Greenopia, I got my start in online publishing at iVillage in sponsorship marketing and experienced the early days of bringing major brands online.

Over 20 years ago I got my start at sports agency IMG in national sales and marketing.  I then moved to First USA Bank/BankOne to help develop the sports and entertainment affinity marketing division.

I have a Master Degree in International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management and a BA from Loma Linda University.  I am passionate about my family, travel, health and fitness, reading and the outdoors.  I value good writing and love reading the blogs and websites we are working with at Local Yokel Media.

Media Advisor: Nicole Lyons

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Having spent the last 12 years selling online advertising and marketing solutions, and the last five years as a hyperlocal publisher and blogger, I am fascinated by and passionate about the future of ‘hyperlocal’ as an industry.

My online advertising and marketing experience began in the early days of the ‘dot-com boom,’ selling online display advertising to companies like UBid (remember them?) and content sponsorships to brands like Clinique for The Ad-Venture Network.  I went on to sell display ads on software downloads for Cydoor Technologies, sell agencies a psychographics-based online ad planning tool for @Plan, help brands like Coca-Cola, Kimberly Clark, Bayer and Eli Lilly demonstrate the business value of their brand websites with CRM Metrix, and ultimately create branded online communities for ad testing, innovation and CRM for clients like AETN and Viacom with Informative.   I have been privileged throughout my career to leverage best-in-class web technology to support exciting, cutting-edge marketing solutions.

I look forward to being a part of Local Yokel Media’s growth, helping local publishers earn a premium for the community assets they have built, while delivering local advertisers online display solutions that work.

Media Executive: Carla Posthauer

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Most of my past has been in media, ranging from funky New Age magazine to Ziff Davis Publishing,  CMP Media,  DevX and then a few years home with my boys (and lots of volunteer work).

Much of my career has been focused on building new properties.  MacWeek and Ziff Davis International at Ziff Davis, Home PC at CMP and new programs at DevX.  After time at home building a family, I was lucky enough to reconnect with Dick O’Hare and join him in his passion for the first-ever online hyperlocal marketplace.  I love reading community sites in my town, and completely understand the value of advertising in that context.  On local sites, ads have more of a connection and offer a genuine value proposition…because it’s for me, in my backyard!

At Local Yokel Media I am on the west coast, conducting market analysis and working with clients on highly-custom campaigns.  As the LYM marketplace takes shape in the New York DMA, I help companies out west message deeply into their surrounding communities, where their best customers are, just as our platform will do in the future as we scale.  At the moment, I am LYM!