Ad Serving 101, and Up

by: Dick OHare, on Aug 25, 2011 in Publisher Tips & Tricks

I am frequently asked during my discussion with publishers about ad serving: how does it work, what are other publishers using, what would we recommend, etc.  There really isn’t a short answer to any of those questions, so I figured I would start this post and use it as a running list of insights, resources, how-to’s, etc – I will add them as I collect them.

Please feel free to contribute your own tips, insights or resources in the Comments area.

  • To start things off, Wikipedia offers a very easy-to-understand and educational article about ad serving, beginning with its history, highlighting some popular ad servers in use today, and including links to definitions of other popular advertiser terms like “behavioral targeting,” “contextual targeting,” etc.  I think this is a great resource for overall context around ad serving.
  • The 3 most commonly-used ad serving platforms among publishers with whom I’ve spoken are: OpenX, DFP (Dart For Publishers) and 247Real Media.  We are actually using OpenX to serve the ads on The Local Yokel.
  • Here is a very helpful article about how to choose the right ad server, which I definitely think represents the needs of smaller and mid-sized publishers.  It was written a few years ago by someone who works for an ad serving technology platform called AdSpeed … has anyone heard of it or used it?

Okay, that’s a start of what I believe will grow into a long laundry list of helpful resources and insights.  I look forward to your feedback now, and in the future as the list grows!

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