Delivering a Pure Oxygen Supply of Hyperlocal Ad Impressions

by: Dick OHare, on Apr 10, 2013 in Market Musings

In response to Douglas de Jager’s article “Display Advertising is a Sell Side Problem,”  we at Local Yokel Media agree that fraudulent traffic is a sell side issue.  As an aggregator of pure hyperlocal websites and content for ad targeting, we take this seriously. And, as Local Yokel Media’s CTO, Rajiv Nigram, points out: “with the advent of programmatic buying over RTB, it will be ever more important to scrub out fraudulent impressions in real time. This adds to processing cost, but will eventually bring better value to advertisers.”

We have developed our own proprietary, real-time “scrubbing” process to weed out false traffic like auto refreshes, international traffic (since we specialize in hyperlocal targeting), bad URL’s etc. Some of the issues in de Jager’s  article go deeper than this.  But, we strive to give our advertisers a fully transparent, “pure oxygen supply” of hyperlocal distribution for their geographic ad targeting.

Would love to hear your thoughts as well.


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