Frontliner: Bridging the Hyperlocal Digital Advertising Divide

by: TeamLYM, on Oct 30, 2013 in Frontliners

Frontliners is a weekly series of snippets and inspiration derived from our interactions with customers and prospects in hyperlocal digital advertising and publishing.

We’ve attended a variety of conferences and Expos in the past month, ranging from the West Coast Franchise Expo to the Local Independent Online News Publishers conference and Street Fight Summit 2013. ¬†What is loud and clear from our interactions with digital marketers and hyperlocal publishers at all of these venues is that few people question the value of hyperlocal content targeting.

Instead, they question the efficiency of it: pricing models vary vastly between hyperlocal websites, ad sizes aren’t standardized creating additional expense when it comes to creative design, and there are simply too many phone calls to be made and Insertion Orders to be signed to make it worth the advertiser’s time — whether they are franchisees, or global digital advertisers.

Meanwhile, hyperlocal publishers are wondering why it’s so challenging to capture advertising dollars from larger advertisers. Individually, each publisher offers tremendous value through their hyperlocal content: the geo-contextual relevance their websites deliver locally targeted messaging has proven to drive strong results. Yet, they are being passed over by the very businesses that would actually like to advertise with them, but cannot because of the inefficiency of them as a group.

This is the problem that Local Yokel Media solves, offering a platform that standardizes and streamlines access to these valuable hyperlocal websites for everyone from the local franchise owner to the regional franchise marketing pool to the regional hospital to the national retailer seeking to drive store traffic locally. It’s also a win for participating hyperlocal publishers, who can tap into the budgets of relevant local advertisers, whether local, regional or national.

We’d be happy to discuss your advertising interests further, whether you’re a digital marketer or hyperlocal publisher: click here to request a call from one of our experts.

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