Frontliner: Hyperlocal Content Targeting is the Ultimate Native Ad

by: TeamLYM, on Nov 6, 2013 in Frontliners

Frontliners is a weekly series of snippets and inspiration derived from our interactions with customers and prospects in hyperlocal digital advertising and publishing.

We hear a lot of buzz these days about digital marketers seeking ad solutions ‘other than traditional banner ads.’  An increasingly popular ad format today is the ‘native ad.’  Interestingly, when it comes to hyperlocal content targeting, we have found that the ‘banner ad’ is anything but dead. In fact, locally-relevant digital ads targeted to hyperlocal content, regardless of their size or format, are inherently ‘native.’

Native advertising refers to a digital advertising format that attempts to more seamlessly integrate an advertising message with the publisher content where the ad is being displayed.  The hope is that, by creating contextual relevance for the ad, the advertiser will see improved ad performance compared to other, more traditional display ad formats they’ve tried.

The great news for all advertisers with local businesses is that hyperlocal websites offer a unique combination of contextual and locational relevance —  what we call geo-contextual relevance — that automatically helps a locally-relevant ad message read like content.

Hyperlocal content targeting is already native advertising: no special formatting or ad servers required.

In fact, as digital advertising expert and journalist Judy Shapiro tweeted us a few months back: ” hyper local content can be the ultimate native ad.”

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 Click here to ready Judy’s Digiday article entitled “Will the Real Native Ad Please Stand Up?”



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