Frontliner: Hyperlocal Roadblocking for 100% Share of Attention in a Community

by: TeamLYM, on Oct 8, 2013 in Frontliners

Frontliners is a weekly series of snippets and inspiration derived from our interactions with customers and prospects in hyperlocal digital advertising and publishing.

A ‘roadblock’ ad in digital marketing is a full screen ad that is displayed before any page content. The advertisers who purchase this level of exposure do so in an effort to capture 100% of the audience’s attention. In a recent advertiser meeting, we discussed a new store opening strategy that would ensure they captured the attention of the communities they were targeting: adding hyperlocal content targeting to their ad buy.

This advertiser really wanted to capture the attention of residents in the community where the store was opening, and had already planned to utilize all of the geo-targeting usual suspects: IP address targeting, local search, etc.  But what they hadn’t realized is that we could make it easy for them to also include direct display ad placement on the community newspaper and content websites within the exact service area surrounding the new store, to further reinforce their message and create what would truly be a community roadblock.

We’ll be posting the case study soon, but the preview is: not only was awareness of the store opening in the community incredibly high, but also the hyperlocal display ads were the best-performing line item on the plan.



Thinking of creating a hyperlocal roadblock for your business locations?



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