Frontliner: Local Publishers Need To Standardize for Sustainability

by: TeamLYM, on Nov 13, 2013 in Frontliners

Frontliners is a weekly series of snippets and inspiration derived from our interactions with customers and prospects in hyperlocal digital advertising and publishing.

In a recent interview for StreetFightMag, we were asked why, if hyperlocal websites offer so much value to digital marketers targeting locally, weren’t more larger advertisers, agencies and ad exchanges sending budget to them?

We are so glad that this question was asked, because this is exactly the problem we solve for as specialists in hyperlocal advertising.  However, we need hyperlocal publishers to help …

Our answer in the article was:

The lack of standardization among hyperlocal websites when it comes to pricing, ad sizes, reporting and even traffic measurement are what, in our experience, has made it too inefficient for larger, more sophisticated online advertisers with healthy media budgets to consider hyperlocals in a media plan. We recently spoke to a large, national retailer who tried to assemble hyperlocal websites to target for their store launches. It was a pain point for them.  On one hand, they see the value these sites provide as authentic advertising vehicles immediately surrounding their store locations, but it is just too inefficient for this retailer to do all this work to execute hyperlocal media buys on so many sites. This is one of the major reasons we think hyperlocal publishers have struggled with sustainability to date, and we’re hoping to change that.

Display advertising with larger advertisers offers hyperlocal publishers incremental revenue opportunity that can significantly bolster their bottom lines.

And we mean this.  We are well aware that many hyperlocal publishers have developed their own revenue models that meet the needs of their local advertisers, and we are not suggesting they abandon those models: only that they augment them with well-positioned, IAB Standard ad units that can be made available to larger advertisers and/or enable their sites to be included in this level of media plan.

We offer 5 additional suggestions to help hyperlocal publishers capture a larger portion of regional and national advertiser budgets in this free download (6 Costly Mistakes Hyperlocal Publishers Make When Planning Online Ad Sales), and would be more than happy to answer any additional questions hyperlocal publishers – or advertisers – may have on this topic.


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