How Does Local Yokel Media Fit In The Programmatic Puzzle?

by: Dick OHare, on Mar 31, 2014 in Market Musings

Many local publishers ask us how we fit into the programmatic puzzle.

Fundamentally, the entire programmatic buying ecosystem is based on simple supply and demand. The more demand there is for your valuable ad impressions, the higher price you earn. Local Yokel Media acts as another specialized demand source for your ad impressions. And, as we have a direct tie to your ad impressions (through our ad tags) we can not only add unique demand for your impressions in your current demand “stack” but we can also calibrate on your existing ad inventory so we can include this in direct campaigns looking specifically for your site. This drives even higher pricing (we deliver CPM’s between $4-$5 for direct campaigns).

A unique yield management strategy that has started to evolve with publishers in the programmatic/exchange world is the ability for a publisher to leverage direct, guaranteed impression campaigns to drive up pricing for non-guaranteed impressions. Therefore, this drives up remnant rates. This is a unique leverage point we can offer our publishers as we continue to scale our business. Meanwhile, helping our publishers with added demand for their current non-guaranteed inventory is a major step in the right direction to fulfill this.


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