How’s Your (Hyperlocal) (Hyper-local) (Hyper Local) IQ?

by: Nicole Lyons, on Jun 12, 2013 in About

hyperlocal, hyper-local or hyper local IQ test

To hyphenate or not to hyphenate: that is the question. (Or is it?)

In celebration of the the AP Style Guide having finally condensed ‘Web-site’ into a single word, we thought it would be interesting to more thoroughly explore the grammatically correct (as opposed to popular) way to spell hyperlocal/hyper-local/hyper local.  Because if you’ve seen the term once, you’ve most likely seen it spelled all three ways.

SPOILER ALERT: the correct answer might surprise you!

So, which do you think is the correct way to spell hyperlocal?

a) hyper local

b) hyperlocal

c) hyper-local

d) both b and c

 (scroll down for the answer)







The answer is “d.”  When it comes to the grammatically correct spelling of hyperlocal, because the ‘hyper’ is a prefix to ‘local,’  you can spell it with (hyper-local) or without (hyperlocal) the hyphen.

For those of you who are curious, spelling it as 2 separate words (hyper local) turns each word a a standalone adjective.  As an adjective, ‘hyper’ means something completely different: it relates to temperament and/or an emotion.  Whether it is meant to describe ‘local’ or whatever noun follows in a sentence, i.e. ‘publishing,’ the use of ‘hyper’ as an adjective instead of a prefix is both grammatically and contextually incorrect.

And, there you have it.  Consider yourself LocalYokel-ized.



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