Hyperlocal Publisher Shout Out: Auburn Journal

by: TeamLYM, on Feb 25, 2013 in Publisher Shout Outs


Our featured publisher for this week is Auburn Journal, one of Gold Country Media’s eight California online newspaper dailies, covering sports, entertainment, news, weather, obituaries, and classifieds.

We caught up with publisher Ryan Schuyler who shared with us some lessons and tips:

LYM: What has been one of your proudest moments/breakout successes with your site?

RS: In an attempt to grow readership on our website, we launched a noon hour update, promoting directly to them in print ads, teasers, and driving traffic with social media posts. Everyday at noon, we give our online readers a recap of the biggest stories and things we are working on for the day and week.  This has been a successful venture for us and helps us consistently drive new traffic daily.

LYM: What has been your biggest challenge?

RS: Our biggest challenge was our recent site’s redesign done last fall. It was a big undertaking as we went from a vendor design and support to bringing the whole project and continued service and maintenance inside. 

LYM: How did/do you address this challenge/what has happened as a result?

Although there were delays and setbacks, having complete control and flexibility has given us additional revenue opportunities and saved us vendor expense. It has also allowed us to place premium ad postions we did not have before: Navigation Ads, Pencil Ads, Google Surveys and sponsored Breaking News which we have just begun to sell.

LYM: Do you have any advice or tips you would like to share with fellow
hyperlocal online publishers?

RS: Make sure your sales reps are trained to understand the different audience and behaviors the online audience presents to their advertising customers. Most of these online visitors of our site are not reading our papers, so the duplication is low and the greatest reach can only be achieved through the combination print/online buy. The online audience can easily be used to send a different message than the broad reach print as a test.  This has finally begun to sink in with our reps and we are seeing some better results.

 Thanks so much Ryan for sharing!



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