Hyperlocal Publisher Shout Out: Cliffview Pilot

by: Elizabeth Harrington, on Oct 23, 2012 in Publisher Shout Outs

Local Yokel Media gives a big Shout Out to one of our New Jersey partner news sites, Cliffview Pilot.  This site pledges to be local, loyal, fair and honest.  They have no secret affiliations or hidden agendas. Straight. No slant.

Publisher/Editor, Jerry DeMarco grew up in North Jersey. It’s always been the center of his universe — a hip, happening place where people aren’t easily fooled.

Local Yokel loves how Cliffview Pilot gets the story to residents as quickly as possible — and has no-nonsense, from-the-scenes dispatches instead of days-old spokespeople reports. That’s how much their sources and contacts trust them to always do the right thing.

Check them out online, friend them on Facebook and follow on twitter @cliffviewpilot.

They tell it like it is in Northern New Jersey!



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