Hyperlocal Publisher Shout Out:

by: Elizabeth Harrington, on Sep 5, 2013 in Publisher Shout Outs


We want to give a big LYM Shout Out to the This website covers the news and community life of Northeast Mississippi. It’s parent company, Journal, Inc. is also the owner of the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal newspaper along with eight weekly sites, the Mississippi Business Journal and West 10 media group in suburban Memphis.

With over 140 years of history, the company has followed the vision of their founder George McLean to promote economic development, education and a better region for all people.

It’s their mission to help inform the public about life around them to assist in better decisions for the future of their region with the best local information.  With a top notch staff of reporters, photographers, editors and more, they are able to bring valuable and accurate news day in and day out.

We encourage you to check out their site, like them on Facebook or follow twitter!


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