Hyperlocal Publisher Shout Out: The Brooklyn Game

by: TeamLYM, on Mar 4, 2013 in Publisher Shout Outs


Our featured publisher for this week is The Brooklyn Game. The Brooklyn Game aspires to be the Brooklyn site for the Brooklyn team. Founded in October, 2012, The Brooklyn Game provides comprehensive Brooklyn Nets news, analysis, interviews, and community, as well coverage of the cultural impact of the Nets on Brooklyn (and vice versa). The site incorporates the archives and key staff of the, a popular site that covered the New Jersey Nets.

We caught up with publisher Steve Waldman who shared with us some lessons and tips:

LYM: What has been one of your proudest moments/breakout successes with your site?

SW: We’ve been proud of our independence. We are obviously Nets fans but we’re very committed to providing independent, fearless (and funny) coverage of the Nets — including telling the truth when they’re making mistakes. For instance, we covered it extensively when one of the players was (allegedly) involved in a sexual assault case. Brooklyn is hot, in part because it now has a pro sports franchise (for the first time since the Dogers left). We’re already the #1 independent website covering the team.

LYM: What has been your biggest challenge?

SW: We launched right around Superstorm Sandy, which delayed everything. We’ve had some problems with our technology. We built it on a WordPress platform and it turns out that each time you ad a plug-in you create risk of problems (at least if it’s not done properly). Also: advertising! Ad rates suck. We don’t have time or resources to hire a sales staff so we’re hoping that ad networks and other services will do the trick.

LYM: How did you address this challenge/ what has happened as a result?

SW: We asked the developers to scrub the site and make sure the plugins were done properly and the foundation was strong. This slowed down on the release of product improvements but we really didn’t have any choice. We hopefully will be better equipped to adapt now.

LYM: If you could do it all over again with the knowledge you have today, what would you do differently? And why?

SW: I would have realized when they said “simple plug in” that it’s never so simple. I might have hired a specialist in WordPress integration to oversee.

LYM: Do you have any advice or tips you would like to share with fellow hyperlocal online publishers?

SW: We dont view ourselves as hyperlocal but more “metro local” or even regional.  Keep costs low and the site great. At the same time. Easy!



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