Hyperlocal Publisher Shout Out: The Suffolk Times

by: Dick OHare, on Aug 7, 2011 in Publisher Shout Outs

…Covering the North Fork of Long Island news as it happens & ever since 1857 — welcome to LYM!

Times/Review Newspapers’ mission is to serve the communities where we live and work – quality publications, quality readers. As community members ourselves, we demand the kind of service we deliver: factual, timely, concise award-winning news coverage supported by an advertiser base that matters most to our readership.

Our vision is to offer specific information to a particular consumer, the residents of Long Islands’ North Fork, Shelter Island and Northeastern Brookhaven Township. Publishing since 1857, The Suffolk Times is a model of journalistic excellence replicated by the Riverhead News-Review, the Shelter Island Reporter and the web only North Shore Sun. We also provide community visitors and residents with complementary guides and supplements highlighting our regional strengths.

Our editors, artists, writers and many columnists and correspondents share the responsibility of searching for what’s going on, guided by the concerns and interests of our readers. Our advertisers offer the where and when. The result is a perfect partnership and the most comprehensive presentation of it every week to 24,000 readers.


  1. by: Dick O'Hare, On August 26

    Offering a clean, easy-to-read, yet sophisticated layout, this site is a shining example of how to successfully translate print content onto the web. Excited to be working with you!


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