Got Video? The 3 “E’s” That Make It A Hyperlocal Win

by: Nicole Lyons, on May 15, 2012 in Hyperlocal Advertising

While video is not a new advertising format, I’m not sure that advertisers – and hyperlocal publishers – have fully-embraced its potential within the context of hyperlocal.  As we prepare to roll out the addition of in-banner video to our proprietary ad serving platform, I thought it might be useful to bottom line the 3 reasons that both advertisers and publishers should jump on this opportunity to improve ad performance and earn more revenue (if they haven’t already).

Video advertising is …


  • In a 2009 Forrester Research study, Dr James McQuivey reported that “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.”
  • Any TV commercial created for local cable, or video created for a website (product demonstration, customer testimonials, etc) can be re-purposed to also run online: stretching that investment even further by reaching even more potential customers through hyperlocal websites.
  • And, unlike most cable TV markets, hyperlocal websites are typically only relevant to and read by the towns or communities they serve, which means a video ad can be targeted down to the zip code level.


  • According to eMarketer, video-based ads outperform traditional display ads 5-to-1 in driving impressions and/or interaction.
  • Unlike a TV commercial, running the ad in-banner allows interested customers to click beyond the banner, to a special offer landing page or the business website for more information, bringing them further down the purchase funnel.
  • In fact, a 2008 Kelsey Group “User View” study found that, of those who said they saw a local online video ad,
    • 47.3 percent said they subsequently visited the advertiser’s Web site,
    • 19.1 percent asked for more information about the advertiser’s product or services,
    • 18.2 percent visited the advertiser’s store to see the product and
    •  16.9 percent made a purchase


  • Local Yokel Media offers advertisers a turn-key platform allowing them to target specific geographies via hyperlocal websites and blogs, through display advertising that now includes video.  We also offer video ad production and/or conversion services to make it as easy as possible for local advertisers to experience the success that in-banner video advertising can deliver.
  • If you are one of our valued hyperlocal publisher partners, you don’t need to lift a finger to enable our video advertising buys: our server handles everything – including storage – and the video automatically runs within any 300×250 unit you have designated to us, just the way a regular creative would.  You just have to sit back and enjoy the boost in revenue this kind of premium advertising brings.

Given what exciting potential video advertising promises for both local advertiser and publishers, we are very excited to begin offering this format.  We’d love to hear comments, questions or feedback from you based on any prior experience you’ve had with hyperlocal video advertising!

Here are a few tips to help advertisers make hyperlocal in-banner advertising even more successful.


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