Frontliner: Local Market Research, Facts and Figures

by: TeamLYM, on Nov 20, 2013 in Frontliners

Frontliners is a weekly series of snippets and inspiration derived from our interactions with customers and prospects in hyperlocal digital advertising and publishing.

Who doesn’t love a good industry statistic? We recently discovered this robust, real-time feed of industry research soundbytes, and wanted to share.

Whether you’re interested in the latest studies on local mobile ad spending, seeking a statistic to support the growth of local digital ad spending, or are curious about market research studies in other industries, FactBrowser’s ‘research discovery engine’ is a terrific resource. Here’s a tutorial that they offer to help you make the most of it.


Speaking of facts and figures, did you know that 52% of a digital ad’s performance is driven by the strength of its creative? Download these 10 best practices to boost ad creative performance.


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