Local TV Ads and The Web: Perfect Together

by: Nicole Lyons, on Mar 21, 2013 in Market Musings

A great article by branded video content distribution company Sharethrough shares that teaser videos and extended cuts of Super Bowl 2013 ads actually generated nearly five times more views than the standard TV commercials garnered online.

Read the article here.

And is it really all that surprising? After all, the web is like a vault that makes digitally formatted TV ads viewable by anyone, anytime – compared to TV, which relies on whatever audience might be available at the time the ad airs.  While some people who are ad junkies (like myself) actually DVR the Super Bowl for the sole purpose of not missing the ads, there are countless others who did not watch the SuperBowl and would otherwise never see the ad.  Furthermore, making the ads available via the web also gives them instant viral potential, which further increases their reach — exponentially.

So while this article addresses multi-channel TV ad optimization strategy, I invite you to also consider how easy and effective it would be to distribute locally-relevant TV ads via in-banner display ad placements on hyperlocal websites and blogs.

As we near delivery of 100 million geo-contextually relevant display ad impressions monthly, we’d be happy to work with you on hyperlocal distribution of your TV ad.  Drop me an email!

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