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by: Dick OHare, on Feb 11, 2013 in About

We have learned a lot since we first launched Local Yokel Media.  The digital media industry moves fast.  New start up companies with new products emerge constantly.  However, with all these revolutionary developments, we still think there are many aspects of digital advertising that are still too complicated.  Examples of this could include everything from product workflows to “glitchy” ad tags to the complicated process of launching a digital ad campaign.  There is one thing we get reminded of every day—our product needs to be easy to use, reliable and create value to both our publisher and advertiser customers.

In that spirit, we will soon be rolling out the next iteration of  We have hired an expert user experience and design firm to help us rework our workflows and reporting.  Hundreds of hours are being invested in this.  In addition, we are upgrading our ad server to make our product more scalable and reliable.  Other benefits will include faster ad load times and minimal to no page load latency.  Our projected roll out date is April 12th.

Our mission at Local Yokel Media is to bring efficiency, scale and performance to hyperlocal digital advertising.  Based on market feedback and results we have seen, we have started to deliver on this.  But, we know we have a lot of work to do.  And, we need to constantly improve.  Our next step is to make our product much better to continue scaling our mission.  This new iteration of our platform and website will also position us well for the emerging video and mobile growth segments of local digital advertising.

We thank all of our local and hyperlocal publisher partners who have helped us grow while showing patience and resilience with our product along the way.  We will continue to improve to meet and exceed your expectations.


Dick O’Hare

CEO and Founder

Local Yokel Media


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