LYM Publisher Resources: Journalism Accelerators New JReporter

by: Elizabeth Harrington, on Sep 21, 2012 in Publisher Tips & Tricks

Our friends at  Journalism Accelerator are excited to share a new tool with online publishers geared towards making the gathering and reporting of community news easier.  Here’s what they have to say…

JReporter “facilitates a two-way conversation between the media company and its audience.”  JReporter is new; its creators at JJCS are looking for newsrooms with a commitment to community engagement to test it. Essentially, JReporter is a white label (meaning you can put your own brand on it) mobile app that’s designed to make gathering and reporting community news easy for both contributors (whether professional reporters or community contributors) and news organizations.

We chose JReporter for the second in our new online conversation series highlighting specific resources for publishers from our growing collection because it aims to solve specific problems we hear about in JA conversations, most notably fewer staff, challenges in engaging audience, and the need for multiple sources of revenue.

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