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by: Dick OHare, on Dec 5, 2011 in About

Know Your T’s & C’s: LYM Publisher Terms and Conditions

Many of you have been on board with us for a few months so we thought this might be a good time to be sure you’re familiar with the T’s&C’s you checked off during your initial LYM enrollment process.

We are frequently asked about our publisher payment policy and when can a publisher expect their first check or PayPal deposit.

At Local Yokel Media we pay our publishers forty-five (45) days post the close of the month you earn over $100.

For example, if you enroll and activate your LYM ad tags on December 1st and earn over $100 that month, LYM will process your payment 45 days after the close of December.  Therefore your first payment will be processed on February 15.

If you have one (1) LYM ad unit on your site and it is serving on average less than 75,000 impressions per month, it may take you several months to earn your first $100.

For example, if you enroll and activate your LYM tags on December 1st and your average monthly traffic is less than 75,000 page views a month (and LYM is therefore serving your site less than 75,000 impressions a month), you might experience the following;

  • Dec., 2011: 9,172 impressions served at a $1.23 eCPM with a total earnings of $11.24
  • Jan., 2012: 40,902 impressions served at a $1.29 eCPM with a total earnings of $52.86
  • Feb., 2012: 28,993 impressions served at a $1.33 with a total earnings of $38.54
    • Month 3 = Total Revenue $102.64 (exceeding $100)
    • LYM payment will be processed/sent 45 days after the close of Feb. 2012 on April 15, 2012

Why 45 days?  Publishers are paid out 45 days so our finance team can analyze all previous month’s activity, collect advertiser payments, make necessary adjustments per operational events (robotic impressions adjustments, discrepancies between Local Yokel Media numbers and Advertiser numbers, make goods, etc.) then process actual payouts accordingly.

Local Yokel Media makes final adjustments 45 days after the close of each month and will post this final information on your dashboard.

We are here to help should you want to discuss your monthly results, explore ways to optimize your revenue potential with LYM, or if you need to discuss a payment.  Simply contact Local Yokel Media Publisher Support at or (203-621-3250).

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