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by: Dick OHare, on Feb 16, 2012 in Hyperlocal Publishing

You can now view your Monthly Statement in your Local Yokel Media Dashboard.  Simply login using your Local Yokel Media user name and password and go to the Statement Tab.  You will see final numbers for the month ending 45 days prior (December 2011) and next month we will post January 2012 and so forth.

We added this new feature when we moved to client-side reporting.  Our goal is to constantly improve our offering and readily take steps to adhere to industry standards and best practices to be the best third party revenue partner possible to you – our valued publishers.  Moving forward Local Yokel Media will be adhering to ad impression counting methodologies standardized by The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

In November 2004, the IAB and its members, with the support of major global organizations involved in the advertising and research disciplines, joined together to issue a global standard for counting online ad impressions. This was the first such standard in the online advertising industry. Virtually all digital media organizations, ad networks, etc. now adhere to this standard.

As a topline explanation, there are two methods of counting ad impressions — server-initiated and client-initiated.  Server-initiated ad counting uses the site’s web content server for making requests, formatting and re-directing content. Client-initiated ad counting relies on the user’s browser to perform these activities (in this case the term “client” refers to an Internet user’s browser).  Put simply, the IAB sanctioned standard calls for the most conservative approach of client-initiated ad impression counting. It counts an ad impression at the latest possible moment before a user sees the ad. Conversely, from our launch until now, Local Yokel Media had been deploying server-initiated ad impression counting.  We are now instituting client-initiated reporting.  You can read more about the IAB’s ad impression counting standards here.

How does this change impact you?  You may see your reported impressions from Local Yokel Media drop slightly as this is a more conservative approach.  In addition, we will be taking steps each month during our 45 day reconciliation process (45 days after months end) to “scrub” our impression data to clean out rogue URL’s, robotic impressions and other means that can cause false impressions.

Monthly statements will reflect final impression counts, effective CPM and total dollars payable for the 45 day preceding month.

All of the above steps create a cleaner ad impression count and a purer advertiser experience.

If you would like any more information on this, we are happy to talk to you live or answer any questions via email.



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