“Online News & Info” Tops Media Consumption Among Adults

by: Nicole Lyons, on Sep 19, 2011 in Market Musings

We love us a good infographic, especially when it supports the business of online news & information — which is exactly what this one by in cooperation with AdAge and Magid Generational Strategies does.  Considering, as we do, that the category “online news & information” includes a spectrum of related online resources and activities ranging from hyperlocal to global, this 2011 hour-by-hour breakdown of media consumption across age groups is very exciting, because it shows that:

  • between 6am and 8pm, “online news & information” ranks among the top 2 most- utilized media types by adults aged 30 to 65+, and among the top 4 most-utilized media types by adults aged 18-29
  • between 9am and 5pm, nearly HALF (between 40 and 45%) of all adults aged 18 to 65+ utilize “online news & information”
  • between 5pm and 8pm, “online news & information” is utilized by about 30% of all adults aged 18 to 65+

The bottom line: online news & information is a category of media that is heavily consumed by American adults, so whether you’re creating it or trying to reach the people who consume it, make no mistake: you’re onto something BIG.

Media Consumption - 2011
Created by: MBA Online

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