Publisher Shout Out: The Local Tourist

by: Reilly O'Connor, on Oct 9, 2014 in Publisher Shout Outs

the local tourist

This week we are featuring The Local Tourist (TLT), a site covering the happenings in Chicago and launching soon in Milwaukee and Cedarburg, Wisconsin. After a quick skim of the website, residents and visitors can learn all they need to know about the latest events, restaurants, nightlife, and news in the areas. We had the chance to speak with TLT’s Emmy-winning publisher, Theresa Carter, who shared with us her biggest challenge and how she has divided and conquered. Here’s what she had to say:

What has been your biggest challenge as a hyperlocal publisher?
Being an entrepreneur by necessity means wearing a lot of hats, and my biggest challenge has been realizing that not all of those hats fit well on my head. Because The Local Tourist is my baby and my passion I tend to be a control freak. The hardest part has been to let go of some of the responsibilities and outsource them in some way. However, once I did that I realized I could focus on the aspects in which I excel. It’s still difficult not to have my fingers in every single pie, to mix metaphors, but seeing how the business is growing makes it easier and, frankly, liberating!

How did you address this challenge and what has happened as a result?
I have a business counselor who has been an incredible source of inspiration and who also keeps me focused. We meet monthly and discuss the previous month’s accomplishments, the current quarter’s tasks, and how they feed into the larger annual goals. One of the biggest benefits of this relationship is developing processes so this one-woman shop can be replicated in other markets. This year I hired an editor for our Chicago market and we’ll be launching in other markets this quarter.

Do you have any advice or tips you would like to share with fellow hyperlocal online publishers?
Just like with any other publication, you need to know your niche. Get out there and walk the streets, meet the people you want to reach, and read the other publications for your market.

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