Are You Prepared for Programmatic?

by: Elizabeth Harrington, on Mar 22, 2013 in Hyperlocal Publishing, Market Musings, Publisher Tips & Tricks

Earlier this week, I attended the 3-day BIA/Kelsey conference “Leading In Local: The National Impact.”  The conference covered lots of topics related to local strategies with a major focus on mobile, social media, and tools to support SMBs in the local space.  I especially enjoyed Brian Halligan’s Keynote.  What a dynamic speaker full of passion, inspiration and innovation around the idea of Inbound Marketing – which is an effort we at Local Yokel Media are really committed to stepping up in the coming months!

However, as Hearst Newspaper’s Lincoln Millstein pointed out during the final session of Day 3, there was a surprising absence of discussion at the conference about display advertising and the explosive growth of programmatic buying, and its impact on both scaleable targeting for advertisers and revenue for local publishers. I agree with Millstein’s comment that “nobody’s talking about this, and it’s happening – FAST.”

The past few months have shown rapidly escalating discussions in and around the programmatic ad buying space – from platforms and solutions to definitions and applications (here is a great resource if you want to catch up) … but I think the lack of coverage of any of these topics at the conference might be a reflection of the fact that, while advances in this approach to targeting and monetizing digital advertising are happening at warp speed among advertisers, technology suppliers and publishers – especially hyperlocal publishers – they might not be dialed into the discussion as much as they should.

This programmatic ad buying phenomenon should be a very good thing for hyperlocal publishers.  When used correctly, it can open up new channels of advertisers looking to reach the communities these publishers are editorially serving at more premium ad rates.  As we at Local Yokel Media join the programmatic party and deliver an increasingly robust collection of premium, well-organized and locally-targeted content into the real-time bidding marketplace, we are helping swing the pendulum away from data-driven, dirt cheap impressions and back towards better-performing, better-targeted and better-valued impressions for advertisers and publishers.

We invite our hyperlocal publisher partners to reach out with any questions – or share learnings and insights – right here on this post, and we will work on connecting you with more content and resources in the coming weeks to help bring you up to speed and into the conversation!


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