Shout Out Invitation


We’d love to feature your site(s) on our blog in an upcoming Publisher Shout-Out!

We regularly feature one of our publisher partners in a shout-out that includes an overview of their site and the market it serves, insertion of their logo into rotation on the site, and a mini-interview with the publisher themselves in an effort to highlight key insights, tips and learnings that could be of value to our other publisher partners.

The Shout-outs are highlighted in our monthly newsletter, Locals Only, and are also posted across our social media accounts under #LYMShoutOut.  After all, when it comes to search optimization, the more links back to your websites from across the web, the better!

If you are an LYM Publisher Partner and are interested in being featured, we’d appreciate whatever supporting material you could provide us.  We know that you’re busy, so we’ve tried to keep things simple and structured.  If you could answer 2 or more of the Mini-Interview questions below and submit them to us, we can get you immediately into the queue!

Or, if you’d prefer for us to schedule a phone interview with you instead, please indicate that below and ‘submit’ so we can follow up.