Size Does Matter When It Comes To Ad Creative

by: Nicole Lyons, on Aug 24, 2011 in Hyperlocal Advertising, Hyperlocal Publishing

Whether you’re an advertiser planning your creative, or a publisher considering what size ads to incorporate into your site layout, here’s a helpful guide to ad sizes and how they perform (in general, across all websites) from our friends at DoubleClick.

However, display advertising on hyperlocal media is still a relatively new channel, and it will be interesting to see over time whether or not the ad creative size actually impacts the already successful combination of locally-relevant ads matched with trusted, community-centric content.  It is definitely something that we look forward to studying and reporting on as pioneers in the hyperlocal display advertising market.

Out of interest, what we have found is that the most commonly-requested ad sizes are the following 3 IAB Standard sizes, which is why we suggest using these sizes if you are an LYM advertiser, or offering these sizes if you are an LYM publisher.


As always, any comments, questions or observations you might have on the topic are welcome below!



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