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    Local TV Ads and The Web: Perfect Together

    by: Nicole Lyons, on Mar 21, 2013

    A great article by branded video content distribution company Sharethrough shares that teaser videos and extended cuts of Super Bowl 2013 ads actually generated nearly five times more views than the standard TV commercials garnered online. Read the article here. And is it really all that surprising? After all, the web is like a vault that … More »

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    The Business Of Hyperlocal Digital Advertising: Key Learnings From 2012

    by: Dick OHare, on Dec 12, 2012

    2012 was a critical year for the hyperlocal digital advertising market. Last month, Balihoo released a study highlighting some developing trends moving into 2013.  First, national brand marketers continue to look for ways to build their brands with local audiences and embed themselves more in communities close to their retail locations.  Among the top 3 … More »

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    Web Advertising: A Local Business Take Away From Election 2011

    by: Dick OHare, on Nov 18, 2011

    (Thanks, Dave, for sharing these important and exciting learnings regarding local political advertising with us!) by Dave Zornow Nyack, Nov 16 — Given the low opinion Americans have of their elected leaders in Albany and Washington, you wouldn’t think there’s anything Main Street could learn from State Street. But a surprising thing happened last week … More »

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    Hyperlocal ad targeting and local deals

    by: Dick OHare, on Nov 7, 2011

    A couple weeks ago, I attended the Street Fight Hyperlocal Conference in Manhattan.  Street Fight (@StreetFightMag) is doing a great job covering the burgeoning hyperlocal segment of the digital media industry. Yipit’s Founder and CEO, Vin Vacanti gave a compelling overview of the daily deals market.  As the daily deals market has become so competitive, … More »