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  • Market Musings

    Local TV Ads and The Web: Perfect Together

    by: Nicole Lyons, on Mar 21, 2013

    A great article by branded video content distribution company¬†Sharethrough shares that teaser videos and extended cuts of Super Bowl 2013 ads actually generated nearly five times more views than the standard TV commercials garnered online. Read the article here. And is it really all that surprising? After all, the web is like a vault that … More »

  • Hyperlocal Advertising

    Got Video? The 3 “E’s” That Make It A Hyperlocal Win

    by: Nicole Lyons, on May 15, 2012

    While video is not a new advertising format, I’m not sure that advertisers – and hyperlocal publishers – have fully-embraced its potential within the context of hyperlocal.¬† As we prepare to roll out the addition of in-banner video to our proprietary ad serving platform, I thought it might be useful to bottom line the 3 … More »