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  • Case Studies, Hyperlocal Advertising

    Tapping Into Political Campaign Budgets

    by: Elizabeth Harrington, on Sep 21, 2012

    Political campaigns are white hot across the country, and local news sites are seeing a sudden lift in advertising.  Local Yokel Media is working on several local advertising campaigns with various political agencies, and we thought you might appreciate looking at some of our key findings. Our digital sales specialist, Carla Posthauer, is leading the … More »

  • Publisher Tips & Tricks

    Web Advertising: A Local Business Take Away From Election 2011

    by: Dick OHare, on Nov 18, 2011

    (Thanks, Dave, for sharing these important and exciting learnings regarding local political advertising with us!) by Dave Zornow Nyack, Nov 16 — Given the low opinion Americans have of their elected leaders in Albany and Washington, you wouldn’t think there’s anything Main Street could learn from State Street. But a surprising thing happened last week … More »