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  • Publisher Tips & Tricks

    Online Advertising Glossary of Terms

    by: TeamLYM, on Jun 25, 2014

    We know advertising conversations tend to get a little jargon-y — this glossary should help you gain a better understanding of today’s common terms. Above the Fold– Refers to placing ads in the section of a Web page that is visible without scrolling. Ad serving-describes the technology and service that places advertisements on web sites. Ad serving … More »

  • Market Musings

    The Business Of Hyperlocal Digital Advertising: Key Learnings From 2012

    by: Dick OHare, on Dec 12, 2012

    2012 was a critical year for the hyperlocal digital advertising market. Last month, Balihoo released a study highlighting some developing trends moving into 2013.  First, national brand marketers continue to look for ways to build their brands with local audiences and embed themselves more in communities close to their retail locations.  Among the top 3 … More »

  • Publisher Tips & Tricks

    3 Ways To Increase Your Revenue Potential with Local Yokel Media

    by: Elizabeth Harrington, on Jul 9, 2012

    Local Yokel Media is focused on providing you with quality ads paying a premium rate for your available ad inventory.  We are here to support and bolster your direct advertising sales efforts by monetizing some or all of your remaining inventory.  To that end, I wanted to share a few tips on how you can … More »

  • Publisher Shout Outs

    Hyperlocal Publisher Shout Out: The Hartford Guardian

    by: Elizabeth Harrington, on Jun 8, 2012

    A big LYM ShoutOut to The Hartford Guardian – Hartford’s first hyperlocal news product in Hartford, Connecticut!  Founded in January 2004, The Hartford Guardian’s mission is to tap into civic life and publish a news magazine that explores topics from a progressive perspective. The online daily edition ( was launched in August 2008 to satisfy their customers’ … More »

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    Hyperlocal Publisher Shout Out: Richmond Confidential

    by: Elizabeth Harrington, on May 23, 2012

    Richmond Confidential is a fantastic online news service produced by the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley for the people of Richmond, California – a dynamic neighborhood  in western Contra Costa County.  It is the only online source of daily information in Richmond.  Their goal is to produce professional and engaging journalism that is … More »

  • Publisher Shout Outs

    Hyperlocal Publisher Shout Out: Tribeca Citizen

    by: Elizabeth Harrington, on Apr 27, 2012

    New York City neighborhoods are each so unique and packed with their own personality.  We love the Tribeca Citizen because it gives you the real flavor and scoop on Tribeca.  Here’s what Founder and Editor, Erik Torkells tells readers on his site… I got the idea for Tribeca Citizen after I quit my job in … More »

  • Publisher Shout Outs

    Hyperlocal Publisher Shout Out: Palo Alto Online

    by: Elizabeth Harrington, on Apr 18, 2012

    Here’s a big ShoutOut to one of our new northern California publishers, and their parent company, Embarcadero Media!  We love that they are not only an award-winning weekly newspaper but also the fact that they were the first newspaper in the United States to publish on the web in January, 1994.  Kudo’s to the … More »

  • Hyperlocal Publishing, Publisher Tips & Tricks

    An Invitation to Election 2012 Online Forum – Maximizing Yield for Local Journalism

    by: Dick OHare, on Dec 5, 2011

    LYM and Other Hyperlocal Publishers — Don’t miss this Interactive Online Forum hosted by The Journalism Accelerator! Election 2012 Online Forum – Maximizing Yield for Local Journalism Dates: Wednesday – Friday, Dec 7, 8, 9 Join local publishers, journalists, researchers, data visualizers, tool developers, advertisers and other smart folks in an online forum with an … More »

  • Publisher Shout Outs

    Hyperlocal Publisher Shout Out: Nyack News & Views

    by: Dick OHare, on Nov 18, 2011

    Nyack, NY is a charming village nestled on the shore of the Hudson River 25 miles north of NYC.  Nyack residents have the good fortune to have Nyack News & Views, the online destination for local news and opinions, and is an independent news resource.  Articles covering topics from politics to entertainment — and everything … More »

  • Publisher Shout Outs

    Hyperlocal Publisher Shout Out: Essential Mom

    by: Dick OHare, on Nov 7, 2011

    Moms need local information non-stop.  Gretchen Menzies established as her answer to the never-ending question: “How can I get everything done when there are only so many hours in a day?” is designed by mothers for mothers. It is the solution for the busy Westchester County, NY mom who would rather play with her kids than … More »