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  • Publisher Tips & Tricks

    Online Advertising Glossary of Terms

    by: TeamLYM, on Jun 25, 2014

    We know advertising conversations tend to get a little jargon-y — this glossary should help you gain a better understanding of today’s common terms. Above the Fold– Refers to placing ads in the section of a Web page that is visible without scrolling. Ad serving-describes the technology and service that places advertisements on web sites. Ad serving … More »

  • Hyperlocal Publishing, Publisher Tips & Tricks

    Pinterest, One Hyperlocal Publisher’s Perspective

    by: Elizabeth Harrington, on May 22, 2012

    We have been following Pinterest (with interest) at Local Yokel Media.  Initially, the site appeared to be a social network best suited for consumers and businesses with a specific interest in the arts, photography, design and crafts, but since December of 2011 it has exploded onto the social media scene, with users growing at a … More »

  • Publisher Shout Outs

    Hyperlocal Publisher Shout Out: Essential Mom

    by: Dick OHare, on Nov 7, 2011

    Moms need local information non-stop.  Gretchen Menzies established as her answer to the never-ending question: “How can I get everything done when there are only so many hours in a day?” is designed by mothers for mothers. It is the solution for the busy Westchester County, NY mom who would rather play with her kids than … More »

  • Publisher Tips & Tricks

    Ad Serving 101, and Up

    by: Dick OHare, on Aug 25, 2011

    I am frequently asked during my discussion with publishers about ad serving: how does it work, what are other publishers using, what would we recommend, etc.  There really isn’t a short answer to any of those questions, so I figured I would start this post and use it as a running list of insights, resources, … More »