The Great Ad Targeting Cookie Debate

by: Nicole Lyons, on Mar 13, 2013 in Market Musings

In case you missed the announcement a couple of weeks ago, Firefox – a browser that is used by 23% of non-mobile web users – announced that their next release of the browser will block some 3rd-party cookies, like those that are set by ad networks. 3rd party cookies will, however, be enabled for sites that have actually been visited by the browser, a move designed to better protect the privacy of web surfers.  Here are a few articles about the announcements:

Upcoming Cookie Measures for June 2003

Firefox to Block 3rd Party Cookies

Not surprisingly, there has been a considerable amount of debate around the impact this decision will have on publisher revenues and the online advertising industry as a whole …

Imagining a World Without Cookies

Our take is that the value of publisher content (and context of advertising) has been virtually swept off the table with the advent of data driven, audience targeting. A reduction of  targeting by cookies means that reaching audiences through content will now return to prominence  in the industry.

In our case, that means reaching hyperlocal audiences through granular, local content. Taking this approach, we regularly see ad performance 5-25X better than data-driven geo-targeting. The authenticity that effective, contextual relevance provides is a win for advertisers AND publishers.


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