theloop’s Polly Kreisman shares a tip for fellow hyperlocal publishers

by: Dick OHare, on Oct 21, 2011 in Publisher Tips & Tricks

Thanks to Polly Kreisman, editor and publisher of theloop, for submitting this tip on her way to the airport during her busy schedule!

“We have found after four years (this month!) that online local news publishers should not think of themselves as newspapers, but as a home base for people as they go through their day. You should have a voice that builds conversations about important issues in the community, not a one-sided “Voice of God”  as Edward R. Murrow said in another era.

Drive traffic with two-way journalism, regular emails and social media and treat your advertisers as important members of the community — doing stories about them, with mention of their sponsorship of community journalism.

Do a few things well (real estate? schools? ) instead of everything superficially.  Leave that to Patch and Main Street Connect.”

You can follow Polly @theloopny.

Great tip Polly, any one else care to expand or comment?  Please do so below.

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