This Week in Hyperlocal: April 11, 2014

by: Reilly O'Connor, on Apr 11, 2014 in This Week In Hyperlocal

Check out the latest in local news in this week’s roundup of hyperlocal bits and bytes.

Hibu Closes Its Hyperlocal Print Magazine Unit and Lays Off Hundreds of Journalists: In 2012, the company that owned Yellow Pages changed its name to Hibu and retooled its operations. It started a community magazine unit and it grew fast – from 10 titles in fall of 2012 to more than 600 in 20 states by December of 2013. Nearly 200 journalists worked for the operation.

Data Point-How Advertisers Will Change Their Spending by 2016: Estimated change in global ad spending by 2016, in comparison to 2013.

Mobile Ad Revenues Growing Faster Than Previously Expected: A new study from BIA/Kelsey finds that mobile advertising revenues may accelerate at a faster clip than previously thought.

Can local news scale? The Alternative Press tests a franchise model in New Jersey: Most independent local news outlets operate on tight margins and likely will do so for the foreseeable future. Local is a tough environment,  but…

2013 Internet Ad Revenues Soar To $42.8 Billion, Hitting Landmark High & Surpassing Broadcast Television For The First Time—Marks a 17% Rise Over Record-Setting Revenues in 2012: Check out the full report here.



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