This Week in Hyperlocal: April 19, 2013

by: TeamLYM, on Apr 19, 2013 in This Week In Hyperlocal

Here’s a roundup of ‘hyperlocal’ bits and bytes from around the  web this week ….

Boston Strong

~ Boston, our thoughts and prayers for comfort and safety are with you ~

Local Yokel Media Turns 2! 

Howard Owens on What it Takes to Sustain a Hyperlocal News Site — In honor of their two year anniversary, Street Fight Magazine revisits interviews with hyperlocal professionals, such as Yipit co-founder Jim Moran and founder, editor, and publisher of Batavian, Howard Owen, and analyzes changes in the hyperlocal landscape since their founding in 2011.

Hyperlocal startup Street Fight owns the block, hits profitability on 2nd anniversary — Upstart Business Journal catches up with Laura Rich, journalist and co-founder of Street Fight Mag and revisits the publication’s challenges, successes, and industry perspectives.

Destination Local research: UK demand for hyperlocal media — Nesta publishes updated research on hyperlocal media in the UK. Check out valuable information and strategies in hyperlocal from across the pond.

Diller: Death Will Come For ‘Irrelevant Media’ — IAC Chairman Barry Diller critiques lazy advertisers and urges a migration towards implementing effective hyperlocal strategies and cornering hyperlocal markets.

Timeline: Two Years in Hyperlocal — Great infographic by Street Fight Magazine celebrates various benchmarks in hyperlocal evolution from 2011 to today.  Do you think it’s missing anything?


Mobile Ads GPS Study: How Far Will You Drive For A Deal?  — Venture Beat provides coverage of a Telenav study pinpointing how far consumers are willing to go for a good deal and subsequently, when implementing hyperlocal advertising will yield the highest results.


Study Finds Newspaper Readers Are Engaged, But Local Papers Need To Do More On Mobile — A joint study by the Newspaper Associaton of America (NAA) and Nielson suggests that while newspapers are still the most engaging form a media, drops in sales emphasize the necessity, particularly for local publications, of a move towards mobile integration.


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