This Week in Hyperlocal: April 26, 2013

by: TeamLYM, on Apr 26, 2013 in This Week In Hyperlocal

Hyperlocal slang, news sites-turned-digital agencies, a publisher’s take on programmatic and more in this week’s roundup of ‘hyperlocal’ bits and bytes from around the web this week ….

Why Star Tribune Fell For Programmatic — What do hyperlocal publishers think about programmatic? The Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Ray Faust says he has gained more control over his inventory and an ability to optimize his revenue.

Do Community News Sites Really Need to Become ‘Digital Agencies’? — StreetFightMag discusses the expectations for a successful community news site and addresses concerns about the migration towards “digital agency” standards.

Keyboard App Swype Could Soon Offer Slang That Varies by City — Does your community have a unique dialect?  Nuance, the company responsible for Android Swype has developed an app to implant the language of hyperlocal into your mobile keyboard…

7 Mapping Tools for Hyperlocal Publishers — Here’s one for the publishers! StreetFightMag outlines several platforms created to assist hyperlocal publishers in integrating maps alongside hyperlocal content.

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