This Week in Hyperlocal: August 16, 2013

by: TeamLYM, on Aug 16, 2013 in This Week In Hyperlocal

disagree_BubblesArguments and accusations abound in this week’s roundup of hyperlocal digital advertising and publishing bits and bytes from around the web.

Craigslist took nearly $1 billion a year away from dying newspapers — The article that sparked a debate this week among newspaper publishers.

No, Craigslist is not responsible for the death of newspapers — A retort that suggests Craigslist is just the scapegoat for an already-dying industry.

AOL’s Patch Is Purging Staff, But Here’s How ‘Hyperlocal’ Can Work — might be shifting their strategy, but that doesn’t mean that hyperlocal doesn’t work.

7 Key Lessons From AOL’s Struggles With Patch — A competitive content network’s perspective on what can be learned from’s recent decision to shutter down and shore up.

Journatic Made ‘Very Poor Decisions’ about Content, say Aggrego Founders — Can the new platform created by Chicago Sun-Times owner Wrapports LLC succeed in its mission to build a nationally-scalable community media platform, driven by technology and designed for the mobile-social world?

Hyperlocal Leaders Weigh In on Impact of Bezos’ Wash Post Buy — Leaders in hyperlocal news speak about how they see Bezos’ purchase of the Post playing out in their territory.

New Headache for Publishers: Hackers Hit Content Network — Time to double check the security of your site!

Hyperlocal Business and Advertising Booms on the Internet — An optimistic overview of the burgeoning hyperlocal market by CBS Radio.

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