This Week in Hyperlocal: February 1, 2013

by: TeamLYM, on Feb 1, 2013 in This Week In Hyperlocal

Here’s a roundup of ‘hyperlocal’ bits and bytes from around the  web this week ….

In Defense of Banner Ads — A look at the comparative success rates of traditional media outlets including television, radio, billboards, and the banner ad (Note: This doesn’t take into account hyperlocally-targeted banner ads, which deliver 10-50x the response rates)

What We Mean When We Talk About Hyperlocal — StreetFightMag discusses the evolution of the term and its hopes for the industry’s future

Do’s and Don’ts of Hyper-Local Mobile Advertising — Strategies for implementing Hyperlocal mobile advertising, including value exchange, broadening the advertising radius, transparency and precision in geo-location techniques, and competitive geo-fencing


Across the Pond…

Earn the Right to Get Commercial — Tips from blogger Michael Roberts on running a sustainable Hyperlocal news site

 Hyperlocal and the 3 Councils — Phil Rumens shares his understanding of the 3 pervasive attitudes towards Hyperlocal sites from his experience in a Google+ hangout for hyperlocals

A TV That Knows Who You Are — 

Hyperlocal television is now… The era of the specialized TV advertisment geared towards relevant markets and geo-location will shortly be upon us


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