This Week in Hyperlocal: February 15, 2013

by: TeamLYM, on Feb 15, 2013 in This Week In Hyperlocal

Here’s a roundup of ‘hyperlocal’ bits and bytes from around the  web this week ….

Hyperlocal M&A Heats Up – Here’s What 4 Big Acquirers Are Looking For — Hot targets include companies offering products related to local recommendation and discovery, content personalization, SMB relationship management, and more

Nextdoor is Homing in on the ‘Hyperlocal’ Market — Big Investors take an interest in Nextdoor, which is quickly sweeping the nation as one of the most successful hyperlocal social media news sites

What Nextdoor is Doing Right with Hyperlocal and What Patch is Doing Wrong — Unsure about your transition to hyperlocal? Take a lesson from the big dogs and incorporate some winning suggestions from Nextdoor such as starting with a social network that gives users a bigger role in the site and setting higher barriers for entry

 The DIY Economics of Hyperlocal Blogging— Our friend Andrew Dudley, San Francisco hyperlocal blogger, shares the ups and downs of running a hyperlocal news site – or three!

5 Business Intelligent Platforms for Hyperlocals — Great advice to hyperlocal marketers pitching to SMBs

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