This Week in Hyperlocal: July 19, 2013

by: TeamLYM, on Jul 19, 2013 in This Week In Hyperlocal

Disruptive hyperlocal opportunities, daily deals interrupted, and more in this week’s roundup of hyperlocal digital advertising and publishing bits and bytes. 

How ARLNow Succeeds in a Market Packed With Competitors — An interview with hyperlocal publishing entrepreneur Scott Brodbeck, who has brought his 2 hyperlocal websites to profitability in 3 years.

Voice Media Group Relaunches ‘Best Of’ App — A ‘where to go, what to do, what to eat, where to find’ local app that includes editorial coverage and audience voting gives local search players a run for their money.

With Digital Video, Newspaper Companies Could Disrupt Local TV“Local TV stations are fat and happy — and ripe for disruption.”

Public Media Join Non-Profit Startups to Collaborate, Fill Local News Gap — An exploration of the trend among local public broadcasters to team up with independent local news start ups to increase reach, coverage while helping start ups improve accountability and journalistic standards.

Captain Morgan Starts Targeting Ads At Foursquare Check-Ins — Foursquare has started rolling out post check-in ads — ads served to users immediately after they check in at certain locations — and Captain Morgan is one of the first brands on board.

LivingSocial to Stop Producing Local Events, Cut at Least 30 Jobs — After failing to scale and make money, LivingSocial shifts their focus from “local productions” to larger, multi-city touring events.

Groupon ‘Pauses’ its Rewards Program — Per an official company statement, the plan is to launch a new version of Rewards is being designed to work across Groupon’s new Breadcrumb-branded products; enable a wide range of credit cards, not just those attached to the Groupon account; and also enable an international footprint.

A GPS is not enough: Weathermob wants to contextualize location data — Weather, location and public publishing: the ultimate hyperlocal play?


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