This Week in Hyperlocal: June 21, 2013

by: TeamLYM, on Jun 21, 2013 in This Week In Hyperlocal

Hyperlocal Ad Targeting Opportunity

Opportunity, opportunity and more opportunity in hyperlocal dominates this week’s roundup of hyperlocal publishing and hyperlocal advertising bits and bytes.

Hyperlocal Lives: Local Yokel Raises $2.15 Million — When it comes to bringing efficiency, scale and performance to hyperlocal digital advertising, we continue to prove both that it can be done, and that we’re the best ones doing it!

Why Advertising Dollars Are Shifting to Online Promotions – The opportunity for local publishers to earn additional revenue through online promotions is hotter than ever – but online ads are still a critical part of the mix.  As article author Gordon Borrell says, “advertising can be a turbo jet on the flames of store promotions. Without advertising, contests don’t get very many entries, coupons don’t get redeemed and nobody shows up to get a free Independence Day hot dog at the local car dealership.”

Authenticity: The Force Behind the Local Snowball Effect — A great discussion about the importance of (and increasing demand for) authenticity in web marketing, something that is inherent in quality local content.

Americans’ Confidence in Newspapers Continues to Erode — An interesting read that further underscores the importance and value of trusted community websites and blogs, both to local audiences and to advertisers targeting locally.



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