This Week in Hyperlocal: June 7, 2013

by: TeamLYM, on Jun 7, 2013 in This Week In Hyperlocal

Future Internet Trends and their Impact on Hyperlocal Publishers and Local Advertisers

Smart phones, sustainability, hyperlocal social and a multi-screen future in this week’s roundup of hyperlocal publishing and hyperlocal advertising bits and bytes.

Hyperlocal Sustainability (Round 2): Upbeat ‘Indies’ Say They’re Winning — Part 2 of Street Fight Mag’s series on what ‘sustainability’ means to independent hyperlocal publishers.

Pew: 61 Percent In US Now Have Smartphones — Is your site optimized for mobile?

Tracing the Links between Civic Engagement and the Revival of Local Journalism — “Entrepreneurs need to think about not only ‘how am I going to appeal to the people who care now,’ but ‘how am I going to get more people to care about their community so I can grow my audience?”

Hyperlocal Social News On Patch — Is Patch a hyperlocal news site or a hyperlocal social network?

Kleiner Perkins Caufield Buyers: 2013 Internet Trends — Imagine a day when your hyperlocal audience will WEAR your content: it’s right around the corner, according to the latest Mary Meeker internet trend forecast!

… and speaking of the internet’s future, how about the future of digital advertising?

 — Keeping up with the ever-evolving screens through which your local audience can access your content (or advertising message) is going to be critical to sustainability for hyperlocal publishers and advertisers in the near future.

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