This Week in Hyperlocal: March 21, 2014

by: Reilly O'Connor, on Mar 21, 2014 in This Week In Hyperlocal


Spring forward into digital advertising news in this week’s roundup of hyperlocal bits and bytes.

Automation in Advertising? Bring It On: Guest writer for AdAge notes that within the next five years, a substantial amount of media buying will be fully automated, and she is all for it. While the word “automation” often evokes fears about massive job losses, she gives a few reasons why advertising practitioners should embrace it.

DNAinfo tuning in to radio news: In the latest expansion of Chicago, the hyperlocal news operation is about to add an audio news service to its digital platform.

The Personal News Cycle — How Americans choose to get their news: Fantastic survey done by the Media Insight Project stating that in contrast to the idea that one generation tends to rely on print, another on television and another the web, the majority of Americans across generations now combine a mix of sources and technologies to get their news each week.

Publishers map out a new viral tactic: Publishers, are you a trendsetter or an early adopter of the latest viral tactic – maps?

Discovering Common Ground Among ‘Indie’ and Corporate Hyperlocal Sites: StreetFight writer delves into his realization that indies and corporate local sites are competing against each other for what is still a small share of local digital dollars. He suggests it might make sense for these rivals to figure out how to merge their strengths.

The Power Of People In Programmatic: Think of the most incredible and expensive tools you can buy. They might look great, but they’re useless without a skilled carpenter who knows both what they’re best used for and how to use them. The same goes for marketers and their technology.

Hyperlocal Publishers: Don’t Make These 6 Costly Mistakes

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