This Week in Hyperlocal: May 16, 2014

by: Reilly O'Connor, on May 16, 2014 in This Week In Hyperlocal


The latest in digital community news in this week’s roundup of hyperlocal bits & bytes.

6 Tools Publishers Can Use to Monetize Their Business Directories: Hyperlocal publishers are frequently on the lookout for new ways to generate revenue from their sites, and one of the most straightforward strategies involves launching a business directory. This article includes six tools that publishers can use to monetize business directories on their hyperlocal sites

Why aren’t local newsrooms innovating digitally? Because the goat must be fed: A new report from the Reporters’Lab at Duke emphasizes that for every Texas Tribune or WNYC experimenting online, there are dozens and dozens of other newspapers and broadcasters who don’t have the resources or newsroom culture to take advantage of all the digital tools they could be using.

How Training Has Helped Some Community Publishers Thrive: When Block by Block‘s Community News Summit wrapped up in 2010, participating publishers told organizers that what they needed most was hands-on training. Out of that feedback came two training initiatives — the Summer Camp and the Community Journalism Executive Training. Here, we learn how the training gave a number of publishers the know-how to get their sites into positive revenue territory in 2013.

How mobile devices are creating hyperlocal opportunities: Now that powerful mobile devices are ubiquitous, journalists could – and arguably should – be taking advantage of technologies that tailor interactive content to particular audiences in local settings. Such experimentation by news outlets, though, remain rare.

Hyperlocal Publisher Shout Out: 247 Sports: Check out one of the newest publishers to sign up with Local Yokel Media – 247Sports.

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